Wilmot Town Hall Update – week 2

Week of March 25, 2024



  • Disconnection of Library boiler, hot water heater and Town Hall Furnaces. Boiler and hot water heater will not be reused. Furnaces are stored for reinstallation later.
  • Disconnection of Town Hall electric service by NH COOP.
  • Install isolation wall at Library ramp. (It was decided to construct the wall around the entire ramp to eliminate disruption to Library operations when the ramp is filled with concrete later in the schedule.) (see picture)
  • Start selective demolition of Connector interior. (doors, shelving, hardware, etc.)
  • Demolished the floor above the Safe to verify concrete thickness on top and sidewalls. (see picture)
  • Removed the carpeting in the Supervisors of the Checklist Office. (see picture)


  • Once the floor coverings in the SOC office and upstairs above the Safe were removed we found 6” painted soft wood boards installed perpendicular to the floor joist. Further investigation will determine if this flooring was originally installed in the Town Hall main room. The current Town Hall flooring is maple installed parallel to the floor joist which was an uncommon installation technique in 1906 when the building was constructed.


  • The propane tank is to be disconnected, emptied and tank removed by Irving Propane. New tank to be installed later. (rescheduled to April 4th due to 18” snow)
  • Remove restroom fixtures and pressure tank. (rescheduled due to 18” snow)
  • Install temporary electric panel for use by the construction contractors.
  • Continue selective demolition of the Connector to identify Creativity Lab electric wiring to be reconnected later.
  • Protection and securing of the Town Hall scenery drapes on April 4th.


  • Demolition of Connector and Town Hall Safe to start April 8th.
  • Raising Town Hall sequence to start first week in May. (maybe sooner)

Many thanks to Mr. Phillips, who lives next to the church, for bringing down his large snow blower on Monday to remove the 18” of snow from the construction area!

Meghan Foley
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