Wilmot Community Power Plan committee

Last week (May 4) the select board approved the formation of a Wilmot Community Power Plan committee. Any resident who would like to be on the committee, please contact Bill Chaisson at property@wilmotnh.org or 603-526-4802

In short, the committee will create a plan that will lead to the formation of an aggregator. The municipal aggregator will allow all Wilmot residents who are part of the plan to be treated as a single buyer of power (like a buying club). The aggregator will, among many other things (see attached document), put together different power source packages. For example, one may be composed of all renewable sources and another of all the most affordable sources and so on. The committee will present a plan to the select board for approval. If the board approves, it will sent to town meeting for a vote.

The smallest municipality to start down the road to community power is Harrisville (pop. 984). The municipality nearest Wilmot to begin the process is Warner (pop. 2,937). Enfield (pop. 4,465) approved their community power plan at their most recent town meeting in March.



Bill Chaisson
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