What is a community power plan?

At their May 4 meeting, the Wilmot select board approved the formation of a community power plan committee. Electrical power is a fairly abstract product. It is just electrons moving around inside metal cables, after all. What if power was something more concrete but just as essential, like vegetables?

Right now the NH Electrical Cooperative grows vegetables and also buys vegetables from other growers. They then transport these vegetables to Wilmot and distribute them to all the residents (except a few people on Wilmot Center Road, who get theirs from Eversource).

A community power plan creates a municipal aggregator. To continue the metaphor: the aggregator takes over the job of buying the vegetables and it may decide to raise some of its own too, although that is not required. But the NH Electrical Coop will continue to deliver the vegetables and they will continue to be responsible for making sure that consumers who rely on them do receive them.

The Wilmot municipal aggregator will decide which vegetables to buy; do you want organic, local, or just inexpensive? An aggregator is free to makes changes to its purchasing portfolio much more nimbly than a utility. It is likely to save its customers some money. It may also encourage some local folks and perhaps the local government to become “farmers” and supply vegetables to their neighbors.

To abandon the metaphor, that means that we could make our own decisions about where our power comes from and would could generate our own. NHEC will continue to deliver and distribute it.

If you would like to have a hand in designing the plan that creates the muncipal aggregator for Wilmot, please contact Bill Chaisson at [email protected] or give him a call at 603-526-4802

Bill Chaisson
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