Town Hall Project

The town hall (center) when it was new. (Photo: Fred Goodhue)


  • The Master Plan Survey indicates that Wilmot residents have a strong desire to preserve the historic character of Wilmot. Of particular note is the Town Hall.
  • It is widely agreed that the historic features of Wilmot contribute greatly to the character of the Town, making it an attractive and interesting place to live. In that regard all prudent measures should be taken to preserve the history of Wilmot.


2017Initial feasibility study for town hall project.
March 2018Master plan suggests renovation of town hall
March 2018Listening potluck.
May 2018Listening potluck.
December 2019Public listening session.
March 2020Public listening session.
Winter/Spring 2020LCHIP advice: leaving building in floodplain most fundable.
March 2020Town meeting votes to repair town hall without raising it.
June 2020First LCHIP proposal asks to leave building in floodplain.
November 2020LCHIP proposal is not funded.
Winter/Spring 2021New LCHIP staff advice: raising building is most fundable.
May 2021Town meeting votes to allow new LCHIP submission.
June 2021Second LCHIP proposal asks to raise the building.
November 2021Second LCHIP proposal is funded.



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