Town Hall Project


  • The Master Plan Survey indicates that Wilmot residents have a strong desire to preserve the historic character of Wilmot. Of particular note is the Town Hall.
  • It is widely agreed that the historic features of Wilmot contribute greatly to the character of the Town, making it an attractive and interesting place to live. In that regard all prudent measures should be taken to preserve the history of Wilmot.

First “listening session” was at the town office on December 11, 2019.
Forty residents attended. Facilities Committee chair Jeff Gill presented a PowerPoint summary of the engineering study and the options it presented.

Jeff’s PowerPoint presentation

Other resource documents

Master Plan Survey Results (2016)

Town Master Plan (2018)

Town Hall Engineering Study (2019)

Poll taken at 2nd listening session

You are invited to the …

Next “listening session” on Sunday, January 12, 2020 from 3-5 p.m. at Wilmot Town Hall, 9 North Wilmot Road (next to the public library). The snow date is Sunday, January 19 at the same time and same place.

Restoration Options

The engineering study produced six options, and the facilities committee decided that three of them (in bold below) were economically viable. The public is invited to help determine which approach will be taken.

Option 1 – Do nothing
Option 2 – Rebuild Floor System
Option 3 – New Concrete Foundation Slab
Option 4 – Raise Building and Rebuild Floor System

Option 5 – Move Building to 14 North Wilmot Road
Option 6 – Build a new Town Hall @ Town Highway/Maintenance Area