Town Hall Project – poll results

A card was circulated at the listening session held at the town hall on Sunday, January 12 to determine support for various options to rehabilitate the historic building. The town hall is vulnerable to flooding by Kimpton Brook and the floor support is failing because of rot caused by flooding events.

A total of 45 people attended the event. Not everyone filled out a card. The results are as follows:

Asked to choose between building a new town hall and rehabilitating the existing building, the poll was 35 in favor of rehabilitation and 1 in favor of a new town hall.

Asked to choose between leaving the town hall at its current elevation versus raising it up to the level of the Wilmot Public Library (which is above the 500-year floodplain), the poll was 20 in favor of raising up the building and 12 in favor of leaving it at its current elevation (within the 100-year floodplain).

Finally, 14 were in favor of continuing the project even without a state LCHIP grant and 3 were against doing so. The grant would pay for 50% of the cost of rehabilitation. [This paragraph has been corrected from the original post.]

Another topic that came up at the meeting was whether to build a new, longer bridge to cross North Wilmot Road over Kimpton Brook, which would widen the existing bottleneck and reduce the flooding hazard. It would cost at least $380,000 to replace the bridge, approximately equivalent to the cost of raising the building.

See attached document for full survey results.

Bill Chaisson
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