Town election postponed until March 28

The town meeting will be held on March 16 at 7 p.m. as scheduled.

This decision was made today to postpone voting on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 until Tuesday March 28, 2023. This decision was made based on the following:

  1. Jeff Gill, Moderator, held a Zoom meeting with the BOS, Town Clerk, Town Administrator, Town Emergency Response, and Town Police. Jeff also had input from the Supervisors of the Checklist and many of the election volunteers. The general consensus was to postpone the election due to the forecasted snowstorm.
  2. Because there are school district questions on the ballots, the RSA 669:1-V-(b) states that there must be a majority, or consensus, decision form the seven (7) towns in the Kearsarge School District to postpone the election. A majority of the towns voted to postpone.
  3. Per RSA 669:1,V, the postponed election will be held 2 weeks after the originally scheduled election date.
  4. The business session, what we call the Town Meeting, cannot be postponed just because the election day was postponed. The business session can only be postponed for weather conditions of an unsafe meeting facility, therefore the original business session date stands.

Jeff Gill

Bill Chaisson
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