Thank you to Wilmot Highway Department

From the August 24, 2021 Intertown Record:

To the Editor:

With all the swirling around of no good news, this is good news. It makes my heart sing with gratitude. Thank you first of all for taking my weekend email and turning it into action the very next morning! Amazing

I saw a large tree that was totally dead on the edge of my property and on the town’s property. If it came down in a storm, it would have taken power lines, perhaps landed on something or someone and it spelled danger. The Wilmot Highway Department arrived and expertly took the tree down, filled the ants and definitely dead.

I always knew that the department was comprised of excellence with a competenet, professional team who takes care of Wilmot in all types of weather and situations, but this was over the top and appreciated. And, they did it with a smile!

This is a very special town with many people who make it so, and the Wilmot Highway Department is at the top of the list.

Thank you, one and all. Forewarned is forearmed. Stay well, be safe.

Gail Matthews

The email of the highway department is

Bill Chaisson
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