Thank you for Greening Up Wilmot

More than 90 people participated in the 15th annual Green Up Wilmot, sponsored by the Wilmot Community Association and the Town of Wilmot.

Green Up Wilmot is a townwide event that encourages volunteers to pick up trash along state and town roads. In all, about 40 roads were cleared of trash and many of those, including Cross Hill Road, Kearsarge Valley Road, New Hampshire Route 4A, and North Wilmot Road, were divided into multiple segments.

“Green Up started on May 1 and continued through May 31, though most volunteers were finished picking up trash by May 9,” noted Ann Davis, organizer. “Blackflies hatched early this year, so I think that spurred folks to action.”

“A sincere thank you to all those who helped tidy up roadsides to ensure that Wilmot looks great in time for summer,” Davis said.

Several roads in North Wilmot have yet to be adopted. More information is available from Davis at

Bill Chaisson
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