September 13, 2022 – Primary Election Write-In Votes  UPDATED!

  Please note that these numbers do not change the outcome of Wilmot results.

Democratic Ballot


     Chris Sununu 2

      Tom Schamberg 1

    State Representative

      Gary Palumbo 1

     County Attorney

      Nick Brodich 3

      Jonathan Baird 1

Republican Ballot

     State Representative

     Tom Schamberg 2

      Mike Loomis 1


      David Croft 3

     Representative in Congress

      Karolyn Levitt 1


NH RSA 659:69 Counting Votes on Different Party Ballots. – Votes cast for the same person for the same office on the ballots of different parties at any primary election shall not be added together but shall be credited to the party on whose ballot his name appears, and the vote is cast.

Bill Chaisson
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