REMINDER – Wilmot Sign Ordinance

Please be reminded that the Town of Wilmot addresses signs on property in our Zoning Ordinance. Please refer to below section from the ordinance, or refer to the full ordinance which can be found on our website to understand the guidelines for temporary and permanent signs.

Section XIV:

Section XIV:

  1. A permit must be obtained from the Planning Board or their appointee before the erection or placement of a permanent sign.  There shall be a fee determined by the Planning Board for a sign permit.  Exception:  Temporary signs, provided that they shall be erected no longer than thirty (30) days;
  2. Signs shall measure no larger than twenty (20) square feet in the Commercial District and six (6) square feet in the Village and Residential Districts
  3. No signs shall be placed in such a position as to endanger traffic on a street by obscuring a clear view or by confusion with official street signs or signals.  No sign shall be placed that obscures a scenic view.  Every sign permitted hereunder shall be constructed of durable materials and shall be maintained in good condition and repair at all times.  No neon, tubular gas or privately-owned electric signs shall be allowed.
  4. Commercial property owners or tenants with business, professional or other service enterprises shall be allowed two advertising signs, relating only to the use or uses conducted in the building or on the immediate premises thereof; also, two signs pertaining to the lease, sale or use of a lot or building on which placed.
  5. Home Occupations and Cottage Industries shall be allowed one advertising sign, relating only to the occupation, profession or business conducted on the premises.
  6. Directional signs relating to a business operated in the town of Wilmot shall be permitted provided that said directional signs for any one enterprise do not exceed one in any two-mile length of road, not including those to indicate change of direction; also, that said directional signs cannot be within fifty (50) feet of any other sign.  It is the intent of this paragraph to encourage businesses to share directory signs in the areas which may become congested by individual directional signs.
  7. Upon application, the Planning Board or their appointee, may permit, at their discretion and when conditions justify the request, an increase in size by not over 50% of all classes of signs heretofore permitted.

A discontinued commercial business, home occupation or cottage industry shall remove all its advertising and/or directional signs within sixty (60) days from a close of business.

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