REMINDER! Dog Licenses Due! – April 30

Dog Licenses must be done by NH Law by April 30 every year. 

If you no longer have your dog, call or email the Town Clerk’s office so that the change can be made. 

Current rabies vaccine info must be on file in the Clerk’s office (Vets do send us updates!)

  New dogs must be added to our database. 

You may send a copy/photo of the rabies certificate.

Unaltered dogs are $9.00

Spayed/neutered dogs are $6.50

Puppies (up to 7 months) are $6.50

Senior Citizens may license one dog at $2.00, any additional dog licenses are the prices listed above.

Avoid additional fees! 

Licenses may be paid online, mail, black drop box at town office, or stop in to see us!

Bill Chaisson
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