Official Resources for Election Related Issues and Concerns

Released by: Gordon J. MacDonald, Attorney General
William M. Gardner, Secretary of State
Subject: Official Resources for Election Related Issues and Concerns
Date: October 5, 2020
Contact: Kate Giaquinto, Director of Communications / 603-573-6103
Concord, NH – Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald, Secretary of State William M. Gardner issue a reminder that the Attorney General’s Office and Secretary of State’s Office are the official resources available to all New Hampshire voters and election officials for guidance and assistance regarding election related issues or concerns ahead of the General Election on November 3, 2020.
All questions, concerns, or issues that may arise during voter registration, requests for absentee ballots or regarding procedures at the polls on Election Day should be directed to these agencies for assistance.
Voters may also contact their local town or city clerks for community-specific voter registration information, to make absentee ballots requests, and to register to vote. Contact information for city or town clerks’ offices can be found here:
Attorney General’s Office
The Attorney General’s Election Hotline is available to voters or election officials who may have concerns or questions related to elections: 1-866-868-3703 (1-866-VOTER03).
In the event a caller receives voicemail, the caller should leave a message. Attorneys in the office will address each message received. Inquiries and complaints may also be submitted via email at
Secretary of State’s Office:
Additionally, questions related to election procedures may be directed to the Secretary of State’s Office Elections Hotline: 1-833-726-0034 or by e-mail to:
Secretary of State’s Official Resources for Voters:
 Voting during COVID-19:
 Voting in New Hampshire:
 Absentee Ballot information:
 Polling Location Lookup:
 Voting With Disabilities:

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