Looking for election volunteers

The 2022 Primary is on Tuesday, September 13 and Mid-Term Election is Tuesday, November 8. An email has been sent to those who have volunteered in the past to help during the Election Day and/or after the polls close to count votes. Please contact Jeff Gill if you are interested in volunteering at this fall’s elections, either during the day (8 a.m. – 7 p.m.) as a ballot clerk and/or guide and/or in the evening to help count votes (7:30 p.m. until finished).

Given the number of those running for office and the anticipated voter participation, I would like to have at least 7 counting tables after the polls close which requires 21 volunteers.

Please contact Jeff Gill at jagillwpb@gmail.com or call (302) 438-3542 if you are interested and have not received the email of August 16, 2022.

Bill Chaisson
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