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Alison Mastin
PO Box 72
9 Kearsarge Valley Road
Wilmot, NH 03287
(603) 456-5236 (call for appointment)

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The objective of the Town of Wilmot Welfare Department is to relieve and maintain economically disadvantaged citizens by providing basic food, shelter, and emergency medical assistance per RSA 165; to also provide information, advice and referral services; to build and maintain coordinated and cooperative relationships with local, state and federal agencies, and to meet the financial needs of the citizens.

Wilmot’s Welfare program is administered by an elected Overseer of Public Welfare.  The Town of Wilmot Welfare Department provides temporary emergency assistance to Wilmot residents for the basic necessities of life when all other resources have been exhausted.  For more information about Wilmot’s welfare services, the application process and qualification requirements please see the ‘Town of Wilmot Welfare Department General Assistance Guidelines’ below.

The Wilmot Welfare Department also coordinates:

  • Christmas Elves
  • Holiday Food Baskets

Donations to the Food Pantry, Christmas Elves Program, and Holiday Food Baskets are always welcome.  Food donations can be dropped off at the Town Office Building (please call the Overseer of Public Welfare to find out what the most urgent need is), as can gift donations to the Christmas Elves Program.  Money donations can be dropped off at the Wilmot Town Offices – make checks payable to the ‘Wilmot Food Pantry.’

Help for Those with Addictions

Division On Addictions is an organization that helps vulnerable New Hampshire residents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol locate proper treatment options. Alcoholism and drug addiction are terrible crises affecting all ages in our communities – from teenagers to senior citizens.

Finding treatment facilities that are able to understand the underlying causes of the addiction, and that are able to cure an individual so as to prevent any relapse, is often a very hard task. This is where we come in. We help those in greatest need to find addiction treatment options that are the best for each individual situation. Our services are 100% free.


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