Contact Info
Duncan Domey
PO Box 107
1 Firehouse Lane
Wilmot, NH 03287
603-526-2646 (dispatch)

603-526-2646 Dispatch

Police Details


Wilmot has a full-time Chief of Police, Duncan Domey. Wilmot’s Police Department is dispatched through New London Dispatch and located in the Wilmot Volunteer Fire Department Building at 1 Firehouse Lane off of Route 11.

The Wilmot Police Department believes that policing is much more than law enforcement.  While we do enforce the law, we realize, especially in a small-town environment like Wilmot, significant effort should be given to developing and maintaining personal relationships with Wilmot residents, businesses and community organizations.  In this way, the Wilmot Police Department fosters a partnership with the community to preserve the quality of life Wilmot residents and visitors enjoy. Please have a look at the department’s Facebook page.

Pistol Permit

For a resident pistol /revolver license form, click here for a fillable document.  Please fill this out completely, including your phone number so we can let you know when it is complete.  Also print off three copies of the pistol permit reference letter (download here).  Send or email those letters to your references.  The fee is $10 in cash or a check made out to the Town of Wilmot.

When you have a complete application, three completed reference letters, and the $10 you can mail it or drop it off at the Wilmot Town Office at: PO Box 72, Wilmot, NH 03287 or 9 Kearsarge Valley Road, Wilmot (next to the town green).

Here are some laws related to New Hampshire License to Carry:

License to Carry RSA 159: 6

Suspension or Revocation of License  RSA 159:6-b

Appeal from Denial, Suspension or Revocation RSA 159:6-c

Private Property Check

If you are going out of town and would like the police to check the security of your property while you are gone, download, fill out and return this form to the department.

Special Duty Police Detail

Applicants must request detail two weeks in advance. The current rate (June 2021) is $60 per officer and $15 per cruiser. See application below.

Drug Education & Treatment

Addicted.org recently created a Parent’s Guide to Fentanyl to help individuals learn more about this drug and provide tips to help educate children.

The resource includes:

  • Tips for Parents
  • Information on Fentanyl
  • Online Safety Tools
  • Helpful Videos & Articles

It is free and can be added to your website, shared on social media, and a printable version as a pamphlet.

Signs of a Drug Overdose

Opioid misuse is a severe crisis affecting communities across the United States, and New Hampshire has not been immune to its devastating impact. To help combat this public health crisis, Life Safety Institute has created a comprehensive resource page about opioid overdose awareness and naloxone use.

Dealing with Problem Animals

If it is a wild animal, then it is best to contact the N.H. Fish & Game. If it is a stray or feral domestic animal, then contact a pest control or pest management company.

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