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Tim Martin, Road Agent
91 NH Route 4A
Wilmot, NH 03287

7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

Highway Details

The Town of Wilmot Highway Department, under the direction of the Road Agent, is responsible for:

  • Snowplowing, sanding and salting roadways
  • Posting roads and bridges for weight limits
  • Issuing permits to travel on posted roads
  • Sweeping roadways
  • Maintaining and repairing culverts and bridges
  • Maintaining drainage ditches
  • Roadside brush cutting and mowing
  • Overseeing the town's Transfer Station
  • Maintaining road signs
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Overseeing the Town mowing contract
  • Reviewing and approving driveway permits

The Highway Department is responsible for summer and winter maintenance of town roads and municipally-owned parking areas. Exceptions include Tewksbury, Piper Pond, and Hobbs Hill roads, which are not plowed in the winter; so-called Class VI town roads, which are not maintained by the town; state roads and highways; and private roads.  The Town road network consists of approximately 50 miles of roads, half of which are gravel and half are asphalt.  The Department has four full-time employees who work out of the Town Garage located at 91 NH Route 4A, one part-time secretary and two part-time Transfer Station attendants.

If you notice something in or on a Wilmot Town Road that needs attention, please contact the Highway Department.

Class VI Roads

Class VI roads are public highways that are not maintained by the town, but are the responsiblity of abutting property owners to maintain. In Wilmot these public roads were laid out in the 19th century and fell into disuse as the population shrank and farms disappeared. By statute, they become Class VI roads either through an article at town meeting or after the town does not maintain them for five years (RSA 229:5, VII). At town meeting, they may be entirely discontinued, which means the town gives up its easement, or they may be discontinued subject to gates & bars (RSA 231:45). All Class VI roads are now considered subject to gates & bars, even if not designated so. If a road is discontinued subject to gates & bars at town meeting, the town retains its easement but ceases maintenance. The town also continues to regulate the use of the road and abutting property. A landowner who wished to build on a Class VI road must go through an application process that involves both the select board and the planning board. Not all applications will be approved.

RoadMapStatusDate discontinuedWarrant article
Chadwick Lane13RSA 229:5, VII
Dickey Road4RSA 229:5, VII
Fowler/Hanna Hill Road2, 3RSA 229:5, VII
Kenniston Road
3RSA 231:45March 12, 195714
Kimball Lane
3RSA 229:5, VII
Lajoie Road
1RSA 229:5, VII
Mavicki Road1, 3RSA 231:45March 10, 195318
Morey Pond Road13RSA 229:5, VII
Old North Road
1RSA 229:5, VII
Patterson Road Ext.7RSA 231:45March 10, 195316
Piper Pond Road
2RSA 229:5, VII
Pocket Road7RSA 231:45March 10, 195317
Poor Road4RSA 231:45March 10, 195315
Sawmill Road11RSA 229:5, VII
Whites Pond Road3, 5RSA 229:5, VII
Willow View Road1, 3RSA 231:45March 10, 195319

Tim MartinRoad Agent
Joshua HatchHighway Maintenance Foreman
Jeff GoveHighway Maintenance
James HackemanHighway Maintenance
Kevin CioffiTransfer Station Attendant
Monique JevneTransfer Station Attendant
Mary FanelliHighway Secretary

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