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Bill Chaisson, Property and Land-use Clerk
PO Box 72
9 Kearsarge Valley Road
Wilmot, NH 03287

Office hours Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday while town offices are open. Please call for an appointment.
The Planning Board meets every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m., unless otherwise posted.

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The Planning Board is a land-use board and, as such, is responsible for developing, reviewing and updating:


The Planning Board issues approvals and/or permits for:


The Planning Board meets the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., unless otherwise posted. Due to statutory requirements related to noticing a public hearing, applications for site plan review and subdivision need to be submitted at least a month before the meeting where they will be reviewed. Please submit other applications at least two weeks before a meeting. Applications that require requests for review by the highway, police, and fire departments must be distributed to those departments by the applicant.

Files for each property, with documents covering the development history of each lot that has been reviewed by the planning board, along with any pertinent plans, decisions and permits, are maintained within the town office. Members of the public are welcome to look at these files.

When you want to subdivide or merge parcels of land, perform a lot-line adjustment, open or expand a business, work near lakes, ponds, streams or wetlands or have concerns about zoning regulations, the Planning Board is the one to contact. ~

(See NH RSA 674:1)

Application TypeFeeAmount
SubdivisionFiling fee$150
Per lot/unit$300
Certified Notices
(abutters, town, owner, consultants)
$10 per notice
Registration$25 LCHIP and $26 per plat for recording
Site Plan ReviewFiling fee$150
Per $1,000 sq. ft. of building$75
Certified Notices
(abutters, town, owner, consultants)
$10 per notice
RegistrationNot required
Annexation /
Lot-line Adjustment
Filing fee$75
Certified Notices
(abutters, town, owner, consultants)
$10 per notice
Registration$25 LCHIP and $26 per plat for recording
Voluntary MergerFiling fee$75
Recording fee$26
Home Occupation /
Cottage Industry
Filing fee$50
(Cottage industry also requires site plan review)

Business SignBS InstructionsSee Zoning Ordinance
Home Occup./Cottage Ind. See Zoning Ordinance
Site Plan ReviewSPR InstructionsSPR Regulations
Subdivision*SBD InstructionsSBD Regulations
Voluntary MergerVM Instructions 
Driveway PermitDP InstructionsDP Regulations
Cert. of Zoning Compliance  
Special Projects Permit(e.g. solar) 
Earth ExcavationsEE Instructions 

*+ lot-line adjustments, annexations

Matching Your Project with the Required Paperwork

Any project that affects the value of your property will require a certificate of zoning compliance1, which is reviewed and granted by the Select Board.

Projects that change the size (e.g. subdivision, lot-line adjustment, annexation) and/or the use of a parcel (e.g. site

plan review), may require a hearing before the Planning Board and/or the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA).

If a proposed use is one that requires a special exception to the zoning ordinance (as called out in the ordinance), the project must go before the ZBA. If the use is not included in the ordinance, then the applicant must ask the ZBA for a variance.

If the proposed project …You need a …
1a. Makes changes that affect the value of your property.Certificate of zoning compliance (a) and 7
1b. May or may not affect the value of your property.2
2a. Affects a residential use.3
2b. Affects a non-residential use.5
3a. Involves redrawing property lines.4
3b. Does not involve redrawing property lines.5
4a. Will add/subtract acreage of an existing parcel.Lot-line adjustment and 9
4b. Will combine adjacent parcels owned by same person.Voluntary merger and 9
4c. Will create new lots from an existing parcel.Subdivision and 9
5a. Involves starting a new business that impacts abutters.6
5b. Makes a change that impacts abutters at an existing business.7
6a. Is in residential, village, or commercial district.Possbile state license or permit and 7
6b. Is not in the commercial district.Home occupation / cottage industry and 7
7a. Involves a change of use on the parcel.Site plan review (b) and 8
7b. Does not involve a change of use.8
8a. Requires erecting a business sign.Business sign permit
8b. Does not require erecting a business sign.9
9a. Requires installing a driveway.Driveway permit
9b. Does not require installing a driveway.You are done.
(a) Wilmot has no building inspector, therefore no building permits.
(b) One- and two-family houses and home occupations are exempted from site plan review.

Mary Bourque2024Member
Elizabeth Chaisson2024Member
David Janas2025Member
Michael Lasonde2025Vice Chair
Heather Mather2026Chair
Jonathan Schwartz2024Selectmen’s representative
Linda Scofield2026Secretary
Renée TheallUVLSRPCPlanner, housing navigator
Bill ChaissonTown of WilmotProperty and land-use clerk
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