As of April 8, 235 dogs are UNLICENSED

It is the LAW!  License your dog(s) by April 30 ** 

RSA 446:1 Procuring License; Tag: “every owner or keeper of a dog 4 months old or over shall annually, cause it to be registered, numbered, described and licensed for one year in the office of the clerk of the city or town in which the dog is kept, and shall cause it to wear around its neck a collar to which shall be attached a metal tag with the following information thereon:  the name of the city or town, year of issue of license and its registered number”  

** Per RSA 436:100 Dog must have a current rabies vaccination before a license can be issued.

Avoid penalties and added fees! 

RSA 446:7, Additional Charge Where Payment of License Fee is Delayed:  

$1.00 per month or any part of a month that licensing fees are not paid before June 1. 

RSA 446:3, Transfer: 

If someone moved from another city or town proves they had a license issued by another city or town in NH, the Clerk shall issue a new tag and may charge up to $1.50 to cover the cost of the tag for a new license. 

RSA 446:11, Civil Forfeitures: 

Clerks of towns and cities shall furnish yearly to the local governing body a list of those owners who have failed to renew

 their license for use in preparing the warrant of unlicensed dogs between June 1 and June 20,

  The Governing Body shall issue a warrant to a local official authorized to issue a civil forfeiture ($30) for each unlicensed dog. 

                Cost of License: 

Male or Female dog ………………….. $9.00 

Neutered Male or Spayed Female … $6.50 

Owner over 65 (first dog only) …….. $2.00  

Puppies (3-7 months) ……………….. $6.50 

Bill Chaisson
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